F-marmo cario o iassense o africanone4

Cipollino Rosso, olotype, from the on-line collection of Museo dei Fisiocritici di Siena (

Name Edit

Cipollino Rosso.

Anche chiamato Marmo Iassense o Africanone.

Latin name Edit

Marmor Carium, Marmor Iassense.

Petrographic Characterization Edit

Impure marble coloured red by fine, dispersed, hematite particles.

Origin Edit

All the quarries are located not far from the modern village of Kıyıkışlacık, the ancient town of Iasos (from wich the marble takes his name), in the inland nort-eastern sector of the hills around the site.

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37° 11' 30", 27° 21' 41" and 37° 10' 56", 27° 23' 47"

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Description Edit

Corsi description Edit
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(Corsi 1833, p. )
Pullen description Edit
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(Pullen 1894, pp. )


- Cipollino Rosso (homogeneous)

- Cipollino Rosso Brecciato

- Cipollino Rosso Venato